Benihana Fukurokuju Mug

Benihana Fukurokuju mug

This glazed ceramic mug depicts the likeness of Fukurokuju, the God of Wisdom and Longevity, one of Japan’s Seven Lucky Gods. He is often depicted as an old man with a long white beard and an unusually high forehead. In this depiction, he is wearing a robe and carrying a cane. You can see his feet peaking out from under the bottom of his robe.

There is hole in his beard for a straw and a larger hole on the back for adding a bevarege. On his back, in raised lettering, is “Benihana of Tokyo” and on the bottom, printed in ink, is “Japan”.

Similar mugs in my collection include the Dynasty Wholesale DW130 Jurojin mug.

Found in the Benihana, Labeled, Mug, and Orientalia Collections.

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