Aloha from Hawaii Plate

Aloha from Hawaii plate

This souvenir plate depicts a scene from Hawaii. In the center of the plate is a kneeling wahine playing a ukulele. She is wearing a grass skirt and has a red hibiscus flower in her hair. To the left of her are two men riding surfboards and to her left is a small sailboat with mountainous island in the background and a palm tree and hibiscus flowers in the foreground.

A blue and white sticker on the reverse reads “Made in Japan”. Stamped, in ink, is “FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSE ONLY NOT FOR FOOD USE”. There are no other identifying marks.

This plate can be found on page 168 of Treasure Craft Pottery & Pottery Craft Stoneware by George A. Higby.

Found in the Hawaiiana and Plate Collections.

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