Daga Geisha Mug

Daga Geisha mug

This white, ceramic mug depicts a Geisha holding a fan in her right hand. She is wearing a kimono and has a flower in her hair. On the back it reads “Ichiban” and on the bottom is “Daga ©” and “Hawaii”.

This mug is similar to the Orchids of Hawaii R-22 Geisha mug, the Dynasty Wholesale DW121 Geisha mug, and an unidentified Geisha mug.

Geisha are traditional Japanese artist-entertainers who are trained in such skills as ancient Japanese dance, singing, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and conversation.

Found in the Daga Restaurant Ware, Labeled, Mug, and Orientalia Collections.

Daga Warrior Mug

brown Daga warrior mug

This glazed ceramic mug, by Daga, depicts a fearsome Tiki.

Inscribed on the bottom of this mug is “Daga ©” and “Hawaii”. In raised lettering on the back is “Maui Lu Luau Kihei Maui”.

Found in the Daga Restaurant Ware, Mug, and Tiki Collections.

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