The following were sold by Munktiki.

Munktiki Tiki Oasis 7

Munktiki Tiki Oasis 7 Mug

This Munktiki limited edition Tiki mug, designed by Derek Yaniger, was limited to a run of 300 mugs. My particular mug is number 156. This purple-glazed mug stands approximately 6 3/4 inches tall and depicts the Hawaiian god Ku, the god of war.

On the back of the mug is “Tiki News Presents Hawaii-a-Go-Go”, “Tiki Oasis 7″, and 2007″. On the bottom of the mug, it reads “Munktiki *Derek”, “Tiki Oasis 7″, “156-300″, and “© 2007″.

Found in the Labeled, Mug, Munktiki, Polynesian Pop, Tiki, and Tiki Conventions Collections.

Munktiki Maori Brown Mug

Munktiki Maori Brown Mug - front viewMunktiki Maori Brown Mug - rear view

This brown, glazed, ceramic Maori-stylized Tiki mug was designed by Paul Nielsen and sold by Munktiki. There is a hole on the top of each fist for inserting a spear. Printed on the bottom is "Muntiki Imports™ 2015".

Found in the Mug, Munktiki, and Tiki Collections.

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