Dynasty Wholesale DW117-S Compote Bowl

Dynasty Wholesale DW117-S Compote bowl

This 16-ounce glazed ceramic bowl is listed as a Compote bowl in Dynasty Wholesales catalog and appears to be a reproduction of an OMC bowl. On the front of the bowl are three women wearing yellow skirts and red bikini tops. All appear to be dancing on a beach. The scene is framed on both sides by two pair of palm trees. Behind the girls are two sailboats on the ocean and further on the horizon is a volcanic island. The reverse side of the bowl is not decorated. The base of the bowl is a pedestal.

On the bottom of the bowl is imprinted “Made in China” and “DW117″.

Similar bowls in my collection include the Orchids of Hawaii R-86 Compote bowl.

Bowls similar to this one can be found on pages 81-84 of Tiki Quest - Collecting the Exotic Past by Duke Carter.

Found in the Bowl, Dynasty Wholesale, Hawaiiana, and Polynesian Pop Collections.

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