St Paul Saints Maneki Neko Bank

Maneki Neko with Saint Paul Saints logoManeki Neko with Saint Paul Saints logo

These two Maneki Neko coin banks have a St Paul Saints, a local baseball team, logo on their front. On the back is an Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar logo. These were given away in 2005 at a St Paul Saints game by Ichiban Japanese Steak House.

Maneki Neko translates to “Beckoning Cat” or “Welcoming Cat”. These Maneki Neko have their right paw raised which means they are inviting good fortune or money. If a left paw is raised, it is beckoning customers or people. Also, like the Japanese and unlike Americans, Maneki Neko beckons with its palm forward. The color of Maneki Neko is significant also. In the case of these, the white color signifies purity. Gold means it is inviting gold or money. A black Maneki Neko, unlike black cats, are wards against evil. Three-colored Maneki Neko are good luck charms.

Found in the Figurine, Labeled, and Orientalia Collections.

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