Psycho Suzi's Martiki Mug

Psycho Suzi's Martiki Mug - front view

This glazed, ceramic Tiki mug is manufactured by Tiki Farm for Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge,a Polynesian-themed tiki bar in Minneapolis, MN.

The mug was designed by Tiki tOny and manufactured by Tiki Farm. This mug is in the shape of a martini glass with a tiki as the stem. On the base, in raised letters, is "Psycho Suzi's". On the bottom of the mug, are the words "Tiki tOny by Tiki Farm".

Psycho Suzi's Martiki Mug - bottom view

Found in the Labeled, Mug, Tiki, and Tiki Farm Collections.

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