Tiki Farm Tres Tiki

Tiki Farm Tres Tiki Bowl

This Tres Tiki limited edition Tiki bowl, designed by Von Franco, was manufactured by Tiki Farm as part of their artist series and limited to a run of 300 bowls. My particular mug is number 34. This three-footed bowl stands approximately 3 inches tall, has a brown glazed exterior and a green-glazed interior. It depicts three artists at Tikis: Von Franco, Shag, and the Pizz.

Inscribed on the side of the bowl is “Von Franco”, “Shag”, and “Pizz”. On the bottom of the mug, it reads “© 2003″ and “Von Franco by Tiki Farm”.

Found in the Bowl, Polynesian Pop, Tiki, and Tiki Farm Collections.

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