Dynasty Wholesale DW128 Easter Islander Mug

Dynasty Wholesale DW128 Easter Islander mug

This 12-ounce ceramic mug, resembling an Easter Island Moai statue, is produced by Dynasty Wholesale. Similar mugs in my collection include a Orchids of Hawaii R-72 Easter Island mug and an unmarked brown Moai mug.

Tiki mugs similar to this can be found on page 16 of Tiki Quest - Collecting the Exotic Past by Duke Carter.

The Moai statues on Easter Island were carved from volcanic rock starting around AD 1100 to mid-1600. Approximately 890 of these statues were carved and erected, ranging in height from 8 feet to an unfinished statue that is 71 feet. The average height is 13 feet and weighed 8 to 10 tons.

Found in the Dynasty Wholesale, Mug, Polynesian Pop, and Tiki Collections.

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