Benihana Hotei Mug

Benihana Hotei mug

This white ceramic mug from Benihana depicts Hotei. Hotei, one of Japan’s Seven Lucky Gods, is known variously as the God of Contentment and Happiness or the “laughing buddha”. He was an eccentric Zen priest of the late Tang dynasty in China who walked around collecting offerings with a huge bag. Rubbing his stomach is said to bring good luck. I aspire to be as happy and rotund as Hotei.

On the back, stamped in ink, is “Benihana of Tokyo”. Inscribed on the bottom is “Japan”.

I have two Benihana Hotei mugs, this and another. These mugs look similar, however, this mug is larger. Also, the belt is tied differently.

Similar mugs in my collections include the Orchids of Hawaii R-95 Hotei mug and the Dynasty Wholesale DW123 Hotei mug.

Found in the Benihana, Hotei, Labeled, Mug, and Orientalia Collections.

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