The Wig and Bottle Ashtray

Ashtray from the Wig and Bottle restaurant

This is a glass ashtray from the John Skowronski’s defunct Wig and Bottle restaurant, formerly located on the corner of Lowry Ave and Marshall Ave in NE Minneapolis where Betty Danger's Country Club now resides. Originally a grocery store, the one story building was a grocery store constructed by John Ingenhutt in 1891. In 1904, a saloon was added to the structure. Sometime in the 1940’s, the building was converted to a restaurant. John Skowronksi operated the Wig and Bottle restaurant from the location from the 1960’s to the 1980’s until a fire combined with changed zoning regulations forced him to close the restaurant. [from A Walking Tour of Marshall Street Northeast, Minneapolis, original tour conducted on September 19, 1999]

Found in the Ashtray and Twin Cities Collections.

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