Maneki Neko Mug

Maneki Neko Mug

This white, ceramic Maneki Neko is a mug. Maneki Neko translates to “Beckoning Cat” or “Welcoming Cat”. This Maneki Neko has its right paw raised which means it is inviting good fortune or money. If it has its left paw raised, it is beckoning customers or people. Also, like the Japanese and unlike Americans, Maneki Neko beckons with its palm forward.

The color of Maneki Neko is significant also. In the case of this one, its white color means purity. Other colors, such as gold, suggest gold or money. Black Maneki Neko, unlike black cats, are wards against evil. Three-colored Maneki Neko are viewed as good luck charms.

There is a hole for a straw in on the right paw and larger hole on the back for adding a beverage.

Inscribed on the bottom is “Japan”.

The extensive crazing and that it was made in Japan suggests this mug is 30 to 40 years old.

Found in the Mug and Orientalia Collections.

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