Tiki Farm Ka Hale Tiki Mug

Tiki Farm Ka Hale Tiki mug

This tall, vase-like Tiki mug, produced by Tiki Farm, is known variously as the Ka Hale Tiki mug, the House of Tiki mug, and the Shaka mug. This mug depicts a Tiki with a large, toothy grin doing the shaka sign with both hands. The mug is marked to look as if carved from wood.

On the front of the base of the mug is written “Aloha” while on the back are three footprints, as if someone had walked on a sandy beach. In raised letter on the back of the mug is “Ka Hale Tiki” and in pressed lettering is “House of Tiki”, “Costa Mesa”, “Newport Bch”, and “So Cal”. On the bottom of the mug is pressed letter is “Tiki Farm © 2003″.

Found in the Labeled, Mug, Tiki, and Tiki Farm Collections.

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