Benihana Tanuki Mug

Benihana Tanuki mug

This mug depicts Tanuki, the Japanese God of Restauranters. Tanuki is holding a bottle of sake in his left hand and a promissory note for the sake in the other. He has a big fat belly, large testicles, and is wearing a straw hat. Tanuki has the power of transformation which it uses to play tricks on people. It also loves sake, which is why it has a bottle of sake in one hand.

There is an small hole in front of this mug for a straw and a large hole in the back for adding a beverage. Printed in ink on the bottom of the mug is “Benihana of Tokyo” and inscribed on the bottom is “Japan”.

Similar items in my collections include an unmarked Tanuki Mug.

Found in the Benihana, Labeled, Mug, and Orientalia Collections.

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